Nutritional Health Supplements for Various Health Issues such as Cancer, Brain Health, Etc

Since we have been in business we have discovered many other effective health supplements and remedies which we don't manufacture or sell in our company. The following is a list of some of those supplements which can be purchased from

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Medical Ozonator

Click on the link below to purchase medical ozonator from Amazon.

WSTA Ozone Generator Purifier,Air Water Sterilizer,Ozone Machine,Vegetable Fruit Sterilization Ozonator

Run ozonator in each ear five minutes. The ozone will enter the ear through the eardrum and diffuse into the head for miraculous benefits, such as clearing out mucus, inflammation, rejuvenating abnormal cells, detoxing waste, calcium build up, heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and aluminium, etc for better memory and clear thinking.

Excellent for people with parkinson, alzheimer's and other mental issues.



For cancer chew 15 kernels twice per day, mornings and evenings. For prevention chew 5 kernels per day



To rebuild the pancreas take two capsules daily

Cedar Berries 900mg ~ 180 Capsules - No Additives ~ Naturetition Supplements



Life Extension Pregnenolone 50 Mg 100 capsules

Pregnenolone is naturally created from cholesterol in the body. All other hormones are created from pregnenolone by various organs and glands. Therefore if you are deficient in pregnenolone you will be deficient in other hormones.

For Men: Pregnenolone restores the sexual drive by providing the material to build testosterone. It also enhances the memory and helps to keep the muscular structure strong.

For Women: Pregnenolone restores the sexual drive and gets rid of menopausal issues and symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, emotional issues and decreased sex drive.

In addition, pregnenolone corrects all other hormonal imbalances. There are studies that even proves its effectiveness against schizophrenia and bi-polar disorders.

All of the above issues can be easily corrected by supplementing with pregnenolone each day.

Life Extension Pregnenolone 50 Mg, 100 capsules is the product that have proven very effective for our patients and customers.

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Doctor's Best High Potency Serrapeptase

Helps dissolve hard particles made of protein that cause unwanted side effects from toxins, scar tissue, blood clots and cysts.

Serrapeptase promotes and maintains healthy sinus and airway function as well as a healthy immune response. Serrapeptase helps dissolve hard particles made of protein that cause unwanted side effects from toxins, scar tissue, blood clots and cysts. Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme that comes from the Serraitia bacteria species strain E15 and has been studied for over 40 years.

As part of a healthy physiology, mucus is the first line of defense in the nose and lungs to trap and filter inhaled dust, pollutants and other potentially damaging agents. When your body produces too much mucus, it can cause your sinus area to feel blocked and cause discomfort in your sinuses and airways. Proteolytic enzymes can also break down inappropriate protein complexes in the mucus. This results in a favorable viscosity of nasal and bronchial mucus which can support airway clearance and enhance nasal airway comfort.

The mucous membranes are thin tissue layers or epithelium that lines the body’s hollow structures opening to the exterior such as the upper respiratory system. They secrete a slightly viscous fluid called mucus, which is actually a complex viscoelastic gel that lubricates and moistens the cavity surfaces. As a part of normal, healthy physiology, mucus is the first line of defense in the nose and lungs to trap and filter inhaled dust, pollutants, and other potentially damaging agents. Proteolytic enzymes such as serrapeptase can break down inappropriate protein complexes in the mucus. This helps support the healthy balance between adequate mucus viscosity/elasticity and airway comfort associated with the mucus membranes of the respiratory system. As a proteolytic enzyme, serrapeptase helps to dissolve unwanted hard particles made of protein including scar tissue and blood clots.

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MegaHydrate Body Hydration Antioxidant

From time to time we have patients who complain about low energy, circulation problems, sluggishness, etc.

After hearing many testimonials from our patients and customers we highly recommend this product.

Megahydrate does the same thing as microhydrin but at a far lesser price. Microhydrin sell for in excess of $80.00 per bottle of 60 capsules while megahydrate sells for $29.00 per 60 capsules.

Both products are exactly the same created by Patrick Flanagan. The only difference is that microhydrin is sold under RBC Life Sciences products which is a multi level marketing company, hence the high product price.

If you would like to see how mega hydrate affects the blood copy and paste this link in your browser.

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Hyperbiotics PRO-15 Probiotics

80% of your immune system is in your gut, and when probiotics (the good guys) are abundant in your body, it becomes harder for the bad guys to settle in. PRO-15 replenishes beneficial bacteria for optimal digestive and immune health, helps balance yeast growth, and promotes daily relief from gas, bloating, and irregularity. Life should be easy.

Fatigue and irritability are often a result of poor vitamin and nutrient absorption. PRO-15 helps create a microenvironment inside your digestive system that promotes full mineral absorption so you can feel like your happy, energetic and vibrant self.

Hyperbiotics PRO-15 is released at consistent levels throughout the day and throughout your Gl tract; whereas other capsules more closely resemble a bomb being dropped in your upper stomach - releasing all organisms at one time, often causing digestive upset. LOSE WEIGHT. New studies show that gut microflora may improve your metabolism and accelerate fat loss.

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Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine

Turmeric is known for removing inflammation from the body. This brand is one of the most effective which included bioperine which make the turmeric 100 times more effective.

Our customers have reported relief from pains caused by inflammation such as arthritis, backpains, hip pains, osteoarthritis, etc. It is also reported to help with common everyday infections such as the common cold and flues. This is an excellent product to have in the medicine chest for everyday use.

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Melatonin 5mg Time Release

A hormone found in the body, melatonin, helps promote more restful sleep. Melatonin provides relief for occasional sleeplessness, and helps promote a more relaxing night and better overall health. It is safe to take up to 6mg of Melatonin per day.

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Micro Ingredients Pure MSM Powder - Support Joint Health

Also known to improve stamina and muscle strength. Works for all ages.


Vitamin B17 Apricot Kernel Certified Organic

Very effective in removing candida yeast, fungus, mold, etc from the body. Three to Five kernels per day is all you need. There are many other benefits which cannot be discussed here. However, if you have questions give us a call.


Home Remedy for Asthma and Sinus Condition

Ginger powder --- 1 table spoon Turmeric powder--1 table spoon Eucalyptus oil--3 drops Honey----6 table spoon

Mix together and take one table spoon as needed


Cold hands and cold feet

Take 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper mixed in 1/2 cup warm water once per day.


Natural way to make the body alkaline.

Take 1 teaspoon baking soda in a glass of water on an empty stomach each day. This will make the body alkaline thus preventing illnesses.


blood builder

IRON EQUALS ENERGY: Low Iron is the #1 cause of fatigue in women, and Iron deficiency is one of leading nutritional deficits experienced in the United States. Iron serves a critical purpose in our bodies, helping transport oxygen throughout the body. Effects felt from low iron and subsequent low oxygen levels range from fatigue and mental fogginess to compromising your immune system's ability to fight off infections.

THE BOOST YOU NEED: Blood Builder is designed to help you boost your iron levels and restore your lost energy. It can be difficult to get the sufficient iron you need through diet alone, especially for those who adhere to vegetarian or vegan lifestyles. Women especially can benefit from the added lift provided through this unique formula.

MORE THAN JUST IRON: Made with FoodState® Vitamin C from Uncle Matt’s Organic oranges, and FoodState® Beet Root from Stahlbush® Island Farms - a traditional blood nourishing food, the Blood Builder formula was crafted with the intent of both aiding your body's absorption of the iron it contains and providing complementary ingredients to further increase your energy.

EASY TO DIGEST: The most common complaint with iron supplements is the impact it has on digestion, constipation is a frequent side effect. Blood Builder delivers iron via FoodState® mineral-bound yeast, making it easy to digest and non-constipating. It can be taken anytime throughout the day, even on an empty stomach.

Niacinamide Vitamin B3 Cream Serum

Nutrition For the Eyes

Best Sleep Aid without side effects

SLEEP WELL, WAKE REFRESHED! - That’s our promise to you from our expert formulators, or your money back! Driftoff is an all-natural complex to help adults calm anxiety, ease restlessness, and drift you into a deep, restful, all-night sleep. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day without the ‘hangover’ you can get from most sleep aids.

ALL-NATURAL SOLUTION - You can rest assured knowing that Driftoff is made with natural, non-habit forming ingredients - even our capsules are vegetarian! You can expect the best sleep of your life, without worrying about the side effects that other sleeping pills sometimes have.

RISE & SHINE! - Most of us roll our eyes at that statement, but you will be surprised at how energized you’ll feel every morning after you’ve gotten a great night’s sleep. Have more productive mornings, and get your work day started off right!

EXPERT-FORMULATED - The Team at Zhou Nutrition prides themselves in combining the ancient wisdom of Eastern herbal tradition with modern research to bring customers superior, synergistic herbal blends. Adding just the right amount of each ingredient to maximize customer results is our passion. We can confidently say that Driftoff is formulated to give you a great night’s sleep AND a refreshed, energized morning.

bilberry leaf powder

Natural Toothpaste

Garcinia Cambogia For Weight Loss






DNA Force

Pine Oil

Prostate Support

Apricot Kernel


Sinus Relief

Vitamin C

survival blanket


Face Cream

Pregnenolone 25mg

Hyper Biotics

Rosehip Face Oil


Enzyme gas treatment


Cedar berry


Vitamin C 1000

Omega 3 Fish Oil

Winter Green Oil

high blood pressure