Cardiovascular Bundle - Savings Twenty Nine Dollars

Cardiovascular Bundle - Savings Twenty Nine Dollars
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You receive one of the following products in this bundle:

Life style protocol, Arjun Kwath and Boron


Life Style Protocol

It removes the effects of a heart attack.

It removes or reduces angina pectoris—chest pains.

It removes or reduces cardiac stress intolerance.

It reduces shortness of breath in coronary artery disease.

It can bring back the elderly from senility, and improve memory and reduce the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease.

It reduces blood pressure in about 60% of high blood pressure patients.

It can eliminate intermittent claudication (leg cramps and leg pain and numbness due to poor circulation).

It can reverse diabetic gangrene. It can restore impaired vision, particularly in the diabetic whose suffering from macular degeneration.

It improves memory, can prevent the deposition of cholesterol in the liver, it reduces blood cholesterol levels, it reverses toxic effects from digitalis excess (excess drug therapies)

It can convert and normalize 50% of irregular heart rhythms. It reduces or relaxes excessive heart contraction. It reduces heart irritability and increases potassium within the cells of your body.

It removes lead and cadmium and other heavy metals from the body.

It removes calcium from arteriosclerotic plaque. It dissolves kidney stones, reduces serum iron and protects against iron poisoning and iron storage disease of the liver.

It reduces heart valve calcification, improves heart function and detoxifies several snake and spider venoms. It reduces dark pigmentation associated with varicose veins.

It heals calcified necrotic ulcers. It can improve the vision in diabetic retinopathy. It dissolves small cataracts. It makes arterial walls more flexible.

It helps to prevent and reduce osteoarthritis. It reduces and alleviates the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. It helps to smooth skin wrinkles, lowers insulin requirements for diabetics. It even dissolves large and small clots or thrombi.

It can reduce or reverse the effect of a stroke, particularly after the stroke, but even as late as two years following a stroke. It can reduce the effects of scleroderma. It reduces the need for bypass surgical procedures. It can greatly reduce the need for lower extremity amputations.

Abnormal calcium is removed, and the occluded (plugged-up) vessels are reopened. This effect is produced only upon metastatic calcium (calcium found in areas where it should not be), and not upon normal tissue calcium, as shown consistently by the lack of development of osteoporosis or of increased dental caries. Increased X-ray bone density is observed in cases of osteoporosis after they have been treated.


Boran Protocol


Aids in Wound Healing

According to an article published in Integr Med (Encinitas) boron can also help in speeding up the healing process. It facilitates the enzyme activity required for wound healing and repair.

Prevent Arthritis

Boron is a successful treatment option for arthritis and in more than 95% of cases, significant improvement was noticed as it effectively increased calcium integration into the cartilage and bones. With increasing age, the bones might become weak and porous, and it can stem this deterioration by ensuring that calcium levels are maximized and used effectively.

Some animal and human studies support the anti-inflammatory effects of boron on arthritis. Early research also suggests that it may help reduce the severity of inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

A 2006 animal study suggests that boron supplementation may help provide relief against osteoporosis. Another study supports its beneficial effect on bone health. However, more scientific studies are required to support the benefit of boron for healthy bones.

The bone-building capacities of boron are often ignored in favor of calcium. However, it actually works in unison with calcium to strengthen the bones. It may aid in minimizing the risks of osteoporosis and arthritis. It may further support the metabolism of minerals that are involved in bone development such as calcium, magnesium, and copper. Also, it affects various hormones, including estrogen and testosterone, which are also related to the overall health of the bones. Absorption of Magnesium

Research suggests that boron helps promote the absorption of magnesium. It further helps improve the magnesium deposition on the bones. This also helps in ensuring healthy bones.

Sex Hormone Balance

It increases the level of natural sex hormones in the body, thereby reducing the need for hormone replacement therapy or other pharmaceutical solutions. Prevents Post-menopausal Osteoporosis

Boron can ease symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats that are typically associated with menopause. It helps to ensure that the mineral level remains at appropriate levels since post-menopausal women often suffer from hormonal imbalances that can skew many of the body’s important systems.

Anticancer Potential

Intake of foods rich in boron may help protect against cancer such as lung cancer. According to a 2004 study boric acid has been found to be effective against prostate cancer cell proliferation in humans. More studies are required to support the anticarcinogenic effects of boron.

It plays an important role in maintaining cellular and organ membrane functions and in stabilizing the hormone receptors so the bodily processes go smoothly.

Enhances Testosterone Levels

Boron helps in enhancing the testosterone level in males; this quality is increasingly taken advantage of by male bodybuilders and athletes. Although some weightlifters prefer to take its supplements to enhance their testosterone levels, there has been no concrete evidence or explanation of the mechanism by which it helps to make them any more successful.

Lowers Plasma Lipid Levels

Boron helps reduce lipid accumulation and enables the removal of cholesterol through various means, thereby reducing the chances of developing conditions like atherosclerosis and blood clots, and protecting the body against stroke and heart attack. It can significantly alleviate the difficulties caused by congestive heart failure conditions.

Can Reduce Fungal Infections

According to MedlinePlus boron may protect against vaginal infections including yeast infections such as Candida albicans and other fungal infections. Another study suggests that boric acid has the potential to protect against infections. However, more studies are required to support the benefit.

Improves Cognition

A study suggests that boron is an essential mineral and may aid in enhancing brain function, eye-hand coordination, short-term memory, and concentration power.

Inhibits Harmful Enzymes

It might inhibit some harmful enzymes from forming or acting, while simultaneously serving as a co-factor for other beneficial enzymatic reactions.


Arjun Kwath Combination

1. Supports Heart Health

2. Reduces Angina Risk

3. Encourages Healthy Cholesterol Levels

4. Supports A Healthy Gut

5. Maintains Liver and Kidney Health

6. Balances Blood Sugar

7. Encourages Healthy Cell Growth

8. May Manage Diarrhea

9. Can Treat Bronchitis

10. May Treat Ear Infection

11. May Improve Fertility

12. Improves Digestion

13. Can Treat Dry, Aging Skin

14. Soothes Mouth Ulcers