I am a medical doctor in Virginia and I was informed about your herbal poultice by one of my patients who has what is called incisional hernia. We were not able to do anymore surgery on the hernia which was the size of a football. Upon the patient's insistence we ordered a few packs to see if it would help to heal the hernia. After 4 weeks the patient said the pains were gone even though the hernia was not reduced. We continued with the treatment and 3 months later the hernia is 75 percent reduced and no pain in the general area. I think this is remarkable as the only thing we could do for the patient was prescription pain killers. Thanks for your great customer service and you willingness to answer all our questions.

Hello Doc: I am writing this testimonial to thank you for your help with my inguinal hernia. My first love is blowing the trumpet which may have caused the inguinal hernia. Or it could have happened in the gym. I don't know for sure, but after using the poultice for several weeks I got to the point where just a bump the size of a button was left. The frustrating thing is that it would just not go away.

After calling you and explaining my predicament you mention the study with stem kine. I did a little research on my own about stem cell nutrition and decided I would try the stem kine.

To my surprise, after two weeks of taking the stem kine along with applying the poultice the bump went away and has not come back. I am feeling strong in the groin area and am thankful for you help. I have friends and family members who were very skeptical who encourage me to do the surgery. Now they are believers that hernias can be corrected naturally.

Thanks so much. You saved me from having to go under the knife of surgery.

Greetings to you and I hope you had a good Labor Day holiday, I am writing this letter just to say THANK YOU very much for the Poultice, it really heal my hernia in the back because I was suffering for years and I tried many things even spiritual healing but to no avail, except surgery which I did not want to do on my back, and now I am feeling fine with no pain, however do you have anything for Tinnitus? Once again thank you very much.

Good morning. I would like to thank you for your help. I had a hernia that started from my groin and extended into my upper thigh. I started using your poultice and didn't see any change the first week. This is when I called you. Your instructions to continue was followed and the otherweek brought much relief from the pain and a reduction in the size of the bulging. Today after four weeks the hernia is gone. Thanks so much. May God bless you and your business.

Good day. I would like to thank you so much for your help. I've been suffering for a few months with a bad abdominal hernia. I tried everything but without success until I came across you in the Bing search engine. Thanks for advertising or I would never have found you.

I put the poultice on for two weeks every night and wore it for 12 hours each time. I didn't use any tape to hold it in place. I peeled the poultice, applied it and covered it with a piece of seran plastic to protect my clothe. I kept it in place with my under wear. I receive benefit from the first application. In 3 days the pain was gone and the hernia began to reduce in size.

I was contemplating surgery but thank God for you. I wish you all the best. Keep up the good work.

I was diagnosed with inguinal hernia by my doctor. There was a little bulge but no pain. I was concerned because the doctor said surgery would correct it. I just didn't want to go through a surgery so I went on the internet and googled "natural cure for hernia". Browse a few of the results but was more impressed to try the poultice for hernia. I was blessed because I noticed a reduction in the bulge within a week after using the poultice. After three weeks the hernia was totally gone. I guess because it was in the early stage it was easy to cure.

I am very pleased. No surgery and I am back to normal. Thanks a lot. I will pass on your information to friends and family.

Your product the "herbal combination for hernia" is a miracle worker. I was having acid reflux, plus bleeding ulcers in the stomach. After using the herbal combination powder blended in a drink both problems were cleared up in two weeks. I don't need my medication anymore. I am so elated. Thanks you so much