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Comfrey gets right down to the root of the problem. It does not seem to matter much which part of the body is broken, comfrey will heal it quickly. It is a great cell proliferant, or new cell grower, it grows new flesh and bone alike, and is wonderful for healing the inflamed tissues in a most remarkable manner.

Comfrey poultices are freshly made using organic plant based materials. The results are remarkable as the substances in the comfrey begin to do its work. The damaged tissues are replaced with new growth and the pain and inflammation slowly subside. Minor sprains and strains are corrected overnight while more severe injury and damage such as degenerative disc or bone damage takes more time. One case of a fractured foot took three weeks before an x-ray showed total healing.

Modern Uses Today.

You may use topical or oral remedies containing comfrey root extract for many of the same traditional purposes. You might use topical comfrey root remedies to treat back pain, sprains and strains, bone fractures, bruises, varicose veins, conjunctivitis, skin ulcers and minor wounds. Although these are the proposed uses for comfrey root extract, you should talk with your health care provider before using comfrey herbal remedies.

Application To apply comfrey to affected skin areas, peel backing from one side of poultice and tape to the affected area. Discuss this application method with your doctor first.

Function Comfrey root contains the active constituents called allantoin, rosmaric acid and mucilage, which provide the herb's anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. Rosmaric acid in particular may help to prevent pulmonary vascular injuries as well, says the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Unfortunately, comfrey root also contains large amounts of pyrrolizidine alkaloids, which are toxic and can cause liver damage if taken internally. This is why comfrey root extract isn't recommended for internal remedies.

Medical Evidence A 2004 double-blind study of 142 people suffering from ankle sprains found that applying comfrey root extract cream helped to greatly reduce healing time, compared to placebo, says the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Another double-blind clinical trial published in 2009 found that comfrey root extract ointment helped to treat acute back pain, according to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. A three-week-long, double-blind study of 220 people published in 2006 also found that comfrey root extract ointment relieved symptoms related to osteoarthritis of the knee, compared to placebo.

Finally, a 2007 double-blind study of 278 people with fresh skin abrasions determined that applying a 10-percent concentration comfrey cream increased wound healing speed after just two to three days.

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