Herbal Eye Wash / Drops Dissolves small cataracts in the eyes

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Eyebright herbs, Raspberry leaf, Golden Seal, Bayberry, Distilled Water and DMSO, Edta and bicarbonate

One or two drops in the eyes twice per day.

Dissolve catarac, removes inflammation, removes mucus and cleanses the eyes

Eye bright: In one test-tube study, eyebright extracts helped control inflammation in human cornea cells. The cornea is the clear tissue that covers the colored part of your eye .

About 81% of the participants had complete relief of eye redness, swelling, burning, and sticky secretions within 6–14 days. The remaining participants had noticeable improvements in their eye symptoms .

Another test-tube study found that an eye drop containing eyebright helped protect cornea cells from sun-related inflammation and damage.

Bayberry: Used here to help remove excess mucous from the eyes

Raspberry Used here for its' effectiveness against conjunctivitis.

Golden Seal: Use here for its' antibacterial benefits

Dmso: Used here for its' ability to enhance the absorption of other nutrients.


Place one or two drops in the eye. This will sting temporarily and should disappear in a couple of minutes.