Herbal combination for thyroid (hyper and hypo thyroidism)

Herbal combination for thyroid (hyper and hypo thyroidism)
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Ready for Better Thyroid? An estimated 27 million Americans have thyroid disease that they are not aware of. Globally, a staggering 200 million people have problems with thyroid glands.


Myrobalan fruit

Black Pepper stem

Myrr Resin

Acacia Bark

An estimated 27 million Americans have thyroid disease that they are not aware of. Globally, a staggering 200 million people have problems with thyroid glands. This product taken with 3 drops of Natural Iodine is very effective in resolving thyroid issues.


Other benefits

1. PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome).

Herbal combination for Thyroid is also an effective Ayurvedic classical preparation that helps to promote a fully mature ovum and reduce the chance of PCOS. Taking herbal combinatiton for the thyroids helps to promote the healthy function of the ovaries.

2. Thyroid function

The thyroid gland plays a major role in the metabolism, growth and development of the human body. Herbal combination for the thyroids removes the obstruction because of its (scrapping) nature, thereby helping the thyroid function normally.

3. Lipoma:

A lipoma is a slow-growing, fatty lump which develops beneath the layer of the skin. Taking Herbal combination for the thyroids also helps to control the signs and symptoms of lipoma. This is due to its balancing (digestive) properties.

4. Non-cancerous breast tumor (Fibroadenoma)

Fibroadenomas are solid, non-cancerous breast lumps, which occur most often in women between the ages of 15 and 35. Herbal combination for the thyroids has special properties which are effective over cystic and glandular swellings and shows excellent result in the treatment of non-cancerous breast tumor (Fibroadenoma).

5. Endometriosis

Endometriosis is an abnormal growth of endometrial cells outside the uterus. Using herbal combination for the thyroids also helps to remove the blockage which helps to reduce symptoms of endometriosis.

6. Obesity

Obesity is a condition in which indigestion leads to the accumulation of (toxic remains in the body due to improper digestion) in the form of fat. This condition might sometimes even occur due to constipation, which leads to an imbalance and abnormality in adipose (fat) tissues and results in obesity. Herbal combination for the thyroids also reduces fat accumulation and helps to reshape the body and control excessive weight because of its (digestive) properties.



I bought this for my husband he had goiter, and he took it for about 5 weeks, he started 2 pills a day and on the third week he was taking 3 a day. At week 5 his neck was almost back to normal, so he stopped taking them for 4 weeks and now he takes 3 pills a week. 3 weeks after he stopped taking them, his goiter was a little bigger, but not like it used to be.

Great product for who have thyroid problems. Starts keeping your body at constant normal body temperature. Even if you don't have thyroid problem you can still take it in low dosage as supplement.

Been taking this for 6 weeks,. (2 tablets, 2x/day taken at least an hour after meals accompanied by warm tea). I must say, this regimen really works! Adding this product noticeably accelerated the pace of my weight loss, which had stalled, and it noticeably improved my energy levels for stepped-up gym workouts. I'll be concluding this round in a couple weeks, but can already vouch for its efficacy. Highly recommend this formula!

I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease, and I began to notice changes in my symptoms pretty quickly after beginning the natural treatment protocol. After the first month my palpitations and anxiety type symptoms almost disappeared and I was sleeping better at night. The second month results were even better. I felt so good that I began tapering off my antidepressant medication that I had been taking for years. After the third month all of the symptoms that I had experienced prior were no longer present. My energy levels were better than they had been in a year and my thyroid lab results were within the normal range

Immediately I began feeling better. My heart palpitations which were of the greatest concerns began to decrease, as well as the other symptoms. It took a few months, but there were some days where it felt like I had no disease at all. I had to remind myself to keep eating right, and continue following the protocol, and to not let my guard down. It was such a freeing experience to finally have someone who knows what to do behind me, and watching over me. Even though he was 3000 miles away, I never felt like I was without a safety net. My blood tests improved to the point that I am now free of Graves’ disease. It is completely gone, and now I know why I was sick and how to stay healthy. I had leaky gut from a previous candida infection that wreaked havoc on my digestive system, and ultimately my whole being. I killed off the candida, and treated the leaky gut and Graves’ disease at the same time. I now have my health, and it’s not going anywhere ever again!!! The best part? My doctors said it was impossible to get rid of!! And I proved them wrong!!!T

I took the Thyroid herbal tablets for hypo thyroidism. Two in the morning and two at night. I got a very plesant surprise. My blood pressure returned to normal after the second day. Now I use your thyroid tablets to also control my blood pressure.