Natural High Blood Pressure Herbal Tablets. No side effects. Controls and normalize hypertension,in most cases, within two weeks.

All Natural High Blood Pressure Herbal Tablets
All Natural High Blood Pressure Herbal Tablets
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Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Capsules

Servings Per Container: 30


Proprietary Blend:

Ingredient: Sedge Leaf, Thyme leaf, Aloe Weed, Winter Cherry Root, Climbing staff tree seed and black pepper stem and serpentina.

Other Ingredients: Vegetable Capsule


*Daily Value not established


For best results use with our life style protocol

Life Style Protocol


60 All Natural Herbal Tablets That Actually Works.

Do you have High Blood Pressure

Are you tired of prescription medications that dont lower your blood pressure in some cases and cause uncomfortable side effects? Damaging the liver and other important organs. Would you like to learn more about an all-natural, herbal solution to your High Blood Pressure? No side effects.

If yes, Im glad you came by this page, because you are about to be Very Happy! Over 30 years ago, we quietly created a 100% Natural, All Herbal blood pressure remedy. After years of taking prescription medication, many of our clients have been able to completely discontinue their prescriptions.

Of course, when reducing and discontinuing your prescription medication, you need to closely follow our instructions.


  • First start taking our All Natural Herbal Tablets along with your current medication. Take 2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets in the evening. When the pressure is in a constant range of 120/80 to 125/85 then cut your medication in half. Your pressure may in some cases bump up a little. Keep taking 2 herbal tablets in the morning and 2 in the evening. The pressure will gradually drop to the range of 120/80 to 125/85. This is when you can stop the prescription medication and use only the natural herbal tablets which will maintain the blood pressure without any side effects.


  • First start taking our All Natural Herbal Tablets. Take 2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets in the evening. When the pressure is in a constant range of 120/80 to 125/85 then reduce to 1 herbal tablet in the morning and one herbal tablet in the evening.

    But more likely, youll be contacting me with your own Blood Pressure Success Story!

  • Facts on this herbal combination:
    Fast Acting and gives relief regardless of whether your hypertension is associated with the following:

    • Heredity
    • Renal ailment
    • Heart disease
    • High Cholesterol
    • Anxiety & Tension
    • Insomnia


    Sedge Leaf, Thyme leaf, Aloe Weed, Winter Cherry Root, Climbing staff tree seed and black pepper stem.

    Sedge Leaf: Removes blockages from the system and tones tissues.

    Thyme Leaf: Used here as an effective diuretic

    Aloe Weed: Rejuvenates the body especially the brain

    Serpentina: Regulates blood pressure and calms the nerves

    Climbing Staff Tree Seed: Contains volatile essential oils that remove plaque and blockages from the arteries and veins.


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    The above ingredients work together to quickly reduce high blood pressure without any side effects sometimes withing a short period of time. This is by far the most effective natural herbal high blood pressure remedy you will find.


    Also, consider adding Arjun Kwath to your regiment which reduces high cholesterol from the arteries thus reversing arteriosclerosis and hardening of the arteries while strengthening the action of the heart. Click here for Arjun Kwath


    Add 1/8th teaspoon, once every other day, of pure Epsom salt which is magnesium sulphate to help with the normalization of blood pressure. Magnesium dissolves calcium which contributes to hardening of the artery and other soft tissues and internal organ.

    Eat a salad with parsley, beets and celery at least once per day. It's high in nitrates which dilate the blood vessels lowering the blood pressure.


    Begin by tracking your blood pressure levels. For reading between 120 to 140 for systolic and between 80 to 90 diastolic begin by taking two tablets per day while taking your prescription medication. For reading above 140 systolic and 90 diastolic begin by taking two tablets in the morning and two in the evening.

    When the blood pressure has normalized at approximately 120/80 or below take a maintenance dose of two tablets each day. One in the morning and one in the evening. It is important to watch your salt intake, exercise two or three times each week and consume the daily recommended allowance of fruits and vegetables.

    For those taking prescription medication. Phase off the prescription after the blood pressure consistently reads below 120/80.

    Following the above procedures, you will be able to maintain a normal blood pressure reading on just the herbal tablets without any adverse side effects.


    Reduce sodium and increase potassium by using natural salt supplements such as pink Himalayan salt, raw Celtic sea salt and Braggs liquid amino.

    Drink pure water each day. (5-8 glasses)

    Exercise at least two to three times each week. Preferably aerobic exercise.


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    I've been on prescription medication for over 10 years and decided to try your herbal tablets even though I was sceptical. I took two in the morning and two in the evening. After two weeks my pressure was 115/75 while taking both medication and herbal tablets. On just the prescription it was 155/89. I then took only the herbal tablets and the pressure jumped up as high as 132/85 for about a week. I called your office and was told to continue with just the herbal tablet unless the pressure went up above 140/90.

    I followed your advice and today 6 weeks later my reading on just the herbal tablets is consistently below 130 for the top number and below 80 for the bottom number.

    I thank you so much as I was beginning to deal with side effects from the prescription medication. I will tell my friends about your website. Thanks again.


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    I am 65 and was in serious problem because my blood pressure was out of control. The doctor kept changing my prescription but nothing seemed to work. I was dizzy all the time, my pulse rate was high and erratic, I couldn't focus or concentrate, I had a sleepless night and gained weight as a side effect of the medication I was taking.

    Upon researching on Google for the natural treatment for high blood pressure, I came across your site. To make a long story short, I was able to bring my hypertension under control and stop taking the medication in approximately 4 weeks. Today I take only one tablet in the morning and one tablet in the evening. This has maintained a normal reading for me, which is a miracle. Thank God for you.


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    Question: My blood pressure is now 115/75 while taking the herbal tablet (2 twice per day) along with my prescription. What should I do?

    Answer: Reduce the prescription in half. The blood pressure reading will jump up about 10 points. Continue taking the herbal tablets. The pressure will gradually drop to a reading of below 120/80. Once the reading becomes consistent for a few days then come off the prescription.


    Question: Are there any side effects?

    Answer: The herbal tablet is all-natural without any form of side effect.


    Question: Are the ingredients all-natural?

    Answer: The ingredients are all-natural plants, grounded and made into tablet form. No fillers or preservatives added.


    Question: Will I need to be on the natural high blood pressure tablets for the rest of my life?

    Answer: It's a gradual adjustment as the body corrects the health issues causing the blood pressure to increase. For example, you may start out taking 2 tablets twice per day. In a month or two you will only need 2 tablets once per day. Eventually, you will need one tablet per day then every other day one or two tablets. Sometimes you may go for a week or two without the need for any high blood pressure herbal tablets depending on your lifestyle and diet..


    Works well in combination with "Cholesterol Natural Solution". Click here.


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    Disclaimer: This dietary supplement product is not approved by the FDA and is not intended to "diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease".