Herbal Combination for Weight Loss

Herbal Combination for Weight Loss
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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Capsules

Serving Per Container: 30


Proprietary Blend:

Ingredient: Black Rice Extract, Guarana Seed Powder, B12 Vitamin.


*Daily Value not established


Weight Loss Secret

The first meal of the day is called "Breakfast" for an important reason.

You've been fasting all night and is now breaking a fast. Here's how you take advantage of that process in regards to weight loss.

Miss breakfast and have only 2 meals each day. Lunch and supper. By doing that you extend the benefit of going without food for a long period without feeling the prangs of hunger. You'll get healthier and lose about 3-5 extra lbs each month.


Trick the body into naturally burning not storing fat.

All-natural product.

To be taken with meals.

Remember the days when you could eat whatever you wanted, and still maintain a killer body? Luckily, there is a way to trick your metabolism into thinking you're 16 again.

The secret lies in a food you'd never expect. Black beans and black rice. It's all about cyanidin 3-glucoside - C3G for short. C3G affects the way your body handles the fat from your diet. Generally when you have a high fat diet, the body stores it as - you guessed it - fat.

When you take C3G, it causes your genes to metabolize the fat rather than storing it. Just by eating C3G, you can trick your body into burning the fat you eat. It does this by up-regulating the gene expression for fat burning and downregulating the gene expression for fat storage.

C3G is found in dark pigments, like those found in black rice and black beans. A 2011 article published in the journal BMC Proceedings (BioMed Central) found C3G to have a "protective effect against obesity", and that "some studies indicated that C3G from black beans may be beneficial for the improvement of obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Guarana which is a part of the combination contains theophylline and theobromine, which works similar to caffeine but without the side effects of caffeine.

Adding "herbal combination for weight loss" will kickstart your metabolism and help trick your body into burning, not storing, the fat that you ingest.

Very Effective with Belly Fat Weight Loss

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I can’t live without it!! I have literally tried EVERYTHING! I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism less than a year ago and struggle to stay energized and motivated. I take it before I even leave my bed.

April 21, 2019 I love the added energy this gives me for my long runs. I can often keep a sub 9 m pace and this feels like it disperses very timely. Never getting jitters, loose stools, high BP or HR headaches or crashes. I highly recommend this product. The one downfall is that since it is a stimulant I usually have to warm up first and then pee within 10 minutes of consuming before my run. After that first trip to the bathroom, I don't have to go again until the run is over. Sorry if it's TMI just something I've noticed.

I've been shopping around for years using tons of different companies. So far with using this product it has been the best. It's really helped my abs that have been in hiding come out. I love to eat and it's really helped keep the fat off me and helped me learn out. Can't wait to try more of HNH products! Would recommend to everyone!!

This Product is BY FAR my favorite when it comes to cutting up! No cracked out feeling or jitters and I can take it in the mornings before work even on non-training days. I love how you can’t really FEEL anything BUT YOU WILL SEE RESULTS.

It is an unbelievable product. I just graduated college and I gained some weight from the.. 3 months of forgettable nights and not going to the gym once. Starting my new job and entering the "real world" I knew I needed to get my act together and lose some body fat! Using this product with the right diet and exercise has changed my body without a doubt. My waist is back to where it was when i was working out 2 times a day for spring break. I can see my abs finally. And it took me a month!! To get back to where I needed to be. I cant wait to see what happens with the second month of using this product.

If you have any futher questions call Dr. Hunter at 410 466 2558

Disclaimer: This dietary supplement product is not approved by the FDA and is not intended to "diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease".