Hernia Bundle - Savings Twenty Dollars

Hernia Bundle - Savings Twenty Dollars
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. Excellent results when combined with Hernia Care. click to purchase.

Buy the Hernia Bundle and save $20.00

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One order (1 pack) Hernia Poultice (2 weeks treatment) Regular price $73.95

One Herbal Combination for hernia Regular price $25.95 Herbal combination for hernia: : Click here for more information . Rebuild internally.

One C60 Olive Oil Regular price $43.95 C60: : Click here for more information .

One Colloidal Copper. Regular price $24.95 Colloidal Copper : Click here for more information .


Other Benefits of Using the bundle

Wound Healing When you apply comfrey to your skin, it can have some benefits on rashes and irritations. The high content of antioxidants, as well as vitamin C, makes comfrey pastes and salves the ideal solution for speeding up the healing of wounds. Antioxidants also help eliminate foreign substances in the body and preventing cell death, while vitamin C’s importance in producing collagen means that it is necessary to produce new skin cells for healing.

Reduced Pain If you’re suffering from any sort of chronic pain in your body or if you’re recovering from an injury or surgery, applying comfrey salves and lotions to those areas can quickly soothe that pain. Analgesic qualities in herbs are particularly valuable, and the organic compounds and antioxidants found in comfrey serve that purpose quite nicely for aches and pains.

Anti-inflammatory In a similar way as the analgesic substances in comfrey, the various organic compounds, like saponins and tannins, also serve as anti-inflammatory components of this powerful herb. If you suffer from arthritis, gout, or other inflammatory disorders, use comfrey salves as often as necessary. The lotion is so potent, however, that you can afford to be quite frugal with the oils and creams.

Boosted Immune System As mentioned earlier, vitamin C is a major component of comfrey, and ascorbic acid’s primary role in the body is to stimulate the production of white blood cells, which is the first line of defense of the body’s immune system. By increasing the strength of your immune system, even from topical applications, you can improve conditions like jaundice and various vitamin and immune deficiencies.

Better Bone Growth One of this herbal remedy’s nickname is knitbone because it can help speed up the healing process for broken bones, as well as other injuries. It is also rich in calcium, which is a key ingredient in bone growth. The unique combination of organic compounds found in comfrey can stimulate the regrowth of bone minerals, by facilitating more efficient uptake and use of these minerals within the body.

Anticancer Potential The antioxidant substances found in comfrey also mean that it has the potential for anti-cancerous activities. Dr.Sangeeta Shrotriya, Dr.Gagan Deep, Dr. Kumaraguruparan Ramasamy, et al. published a study in the Carcinogenesis Integrative Research Centre Journal that the antioxidants seek out free radicals, the dangerous byproducts of cellular metabolism, and eliminate them from the system, preventing them from causing other cells to mutate or die. Although this research is still in the early stages, any advances in herbal cancer treatments need to be accounted for.

Improved Respiratory Health Again, it must be stressed that comfrey should not be consumed, but even inhaling or rubbing it on the chest can work as an expectorant. If you are experiencing clogged sinuses or congestion in your respiratory tracts, this plant can help you cough that out and eliminate it from your system. Those phlegms and fluids can catch bacteria and other pathogens, thus, extending or worsening illnesses, but not if comfrey is administered!

Skin Care If you are suffering from anything from a spider bite to a bad case of eczema, comfrey can help alleviate the symptoms and reduce irritation. A combination of vitamin C, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds makes this the perfect solution for skin irritations of all kinds, from psoriasis to acne.