Natural Treatment for lyme disease

Lyme Disease Natural  Treatment (4 ozs Distilled Pine Oil Combination)
Lyme Disease Natural Treatment (4 ozs Distilled Pine Oil Combination)
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Proprietary Blend:

Ingredient: Naturally distilled pine oil, neem and extra virgin olive oil.


*Daily Value not established

The natural Treatment for lyme disease. 4-6 weeks treatment.

Ingredients: Naturally distilled pine oil, neem and extra virgin olive oil. The proportion of the oils are proprietory information.

The dosage is 1 teaspoon on an empty stomach each day. If one teaspoon is too aggressive reduce to where it is tolerable and increase as the body adjust to the oils.

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection primarily transmitted by Ixodes ticks, also known as deer ticks, and on the West Coast, black-legged ticks. These tiny arachnids are typically found in wooded and grassy areas. Although people may think of Lyme as an East Coast disease, it is found throughout the United States, as well as in more than sixty other countries.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 300,000 people are diagnosed with Lyme disease in the US every year. That’s 1.5 times the number of women diagnosed with breast cancer, and six times the number of people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS each year in the US. However, because diagnosing Lyme can be difficult, many people who actually have Lyme may be misdiagnosed with other conditions. Many experts believe the true number of cases is much higher.

Lyme disease affects people of all ages. The CDC notes that it is most common in children, older adults, and others such as firefighters and park rangers who spend time in outdoor activities and have higher exposure to ticks.

Instruction: Take one teaspoon in the evening or morning on an empty stomach. This will stimulate a bowel movement for most people within the next 12 hours.

Distilled Pine Oil Formulation.

The oil is made from the resin of the pine bark and must have a boiling point of between 100 to 120 degrees fahrenheit to be effective. The oil is light and can be easily absorbed through the tissues of the body to permeate the entire system. When combined with extra virgin olive oil and Neem oil the solution can quickly eradicate bacteria, parasites and CWD (cell wall deficient bacteria) from the body.

We believe that lyme disease is both a bacteria and a parasite (protozoa) that has infected the body when bitten by a tick carrying the disease. The bacteria and the parasite quickly multiplies disruption the functions of the system creating many unfavorable side effects.


I purchased the distilled pine oils a month ago and the fever, chills, sweats, muscle aches, fatigue, nausea and joint pain have all gone. I have not yet visited my doctor but based on the results I would say that this really works. It gave me a bowel movement every day after taking it but with the symptoms all gone I am very pleased.

My son and I were diagnosed with Lyme disease after 11 years of decline. This disease was uprooting our family. We began distilled pine oil and within about 3 weeks, we noticed a difference in our demeanor and energy levels.

I got bitten in July 2015 and went to over 10 different doctors and specialists, but nobody could give me a proper diagnosis. I was in such bad shape, could barely walk, and felt like I was slowly dying!

My life changed when I began using the pine oil. I knew I would have a tough road ahead of me, but for once I felt confident that I would be able to treat this lyme disease sucessfully. The oil is very strong tasting. It have a pine taste that last a while but after two weeks I could tell there was a difference. I took 1 teaspoon each day and drank a glass of water to wash it down. The symptoms went away in week 4 and never came back. Thank you for your help.


Why do you include neem oil in the formula?

Answer: Need oil is very effective when used in small doses. Neem oil is known to be anti viral, anti bacterial, removes parasites from the body, helps to clear up allergies, etc. We include small doses of neem oil to compliment the already powerful benefits of distilled pine oil.

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Disclaimer: This dietary supplement product is not approved by the FDA and is not intended to "diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease".