Item# epazote-neem-leaf-powder-combination

Product Description

Although it boosts immunity, Neem doesn’t over - stimulate the immune system. Indeed, it may help regulate an overactive immune system, minimizing allergic response and inflammation. This anti-inflammatory effect may also underlie Neem’s establishes ability to reduce the severity of ulcers and prevent damage to the stomach lining.

Neem enhances immune function, boosting production of interferon, increasing the ability of macrophages to engulf foreign bodies, and improving the ability of lymphocytes to respond to immune challenges such as a tetanus toxin. Neem extract also stimulate the production of lymphokine, another immune activator.

Neem has also been used traditionally in India to treat several viral diseases. Crude neem extracts absorb the viruses, effectively preventing them from entering unaffected cells'.


Epazote is a remedy for intestinal parasites. Also used as an effective remedy for upper respiratory illnesses like cough, asthma, bronchitis etc.

Together these two herbs have been used to reduce allergic reaction, thus restoring proper breathing and respiratory function.