Natural cure for Esophageal dysphagia, problem swallowing

Herbal poultice for  Esophageal Dysphagia
Herbal poultice for Esophageal Dysphagia
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Supplement Facts

Application Size: 1/2 of each sheet of poultice

Application Per Pack: 14


Proprietary Blend:

Ingredient: Comfrey root powder, carbon 60 powder, colloidal silver, distilled water, pine bark powder, vegetable glycerin and Solomon seal root..

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The natural cure for all types of esophageal dysphagia. Each pack is 14 days treatment. Average treatment is 3 - 5 weeks. All existing pain and discomfort will disappear after about 2 weeks as healing begins. Inflammation and swelling will gradually reduce. The poultice heals esophagus muscle tissue by a process known as cell proliferation which is the generation of new muscle tissues by the active ingredient Allantoin a natural substance in the poultice.

Instruction for treating damage esophageal muscles:

The poultice should be kept in frozen for freshness. Each night before going to sleep remove one strip from the freezer. Place on table or counter top and let it stand for half an hour at room temperature. Cut one strip of the poultice in two equal pieces. Return one piece to the freezer. Place the other piece of poultice, to fully cover the inflamed throat area. Use gauze to wrap around the neck to keep the poultice in place. Sleep with the poultice each night and remove in the morning.

After approximately 2 weeks of treatment the tissues in the throat will strengthen, inflammation will decrease, and the enclosed pathway will begin to widen. This is because the muscles and tissue are being rebuilt. After another 2 -3 weeks of treatment you should be able to consume soft foods with no pain. Keep treating until symptom are gone and healing is complete.

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Restore esophageal diseases, ulcers, and inflammations back to normal

We ship only in the United States and Canada. All Canadian orders must be placed by phone (410-466-2558).




Natural Organic Comfrey Poultice For All Types of Esophageal disorders.

The fear that most people have when dealing with esophagus diseases is that of surgery or the loss of one’s voice and the ability to swallow.

Our poultice is designed with the correct ratio of ingredients for maximum benefit in treating all types of Esophageal dysphagia. We have over 30 years experience in Natural healing using comfrey poultice.

The inflammation is just the tip of the iceberg. There is underlying damage that you can't see. This damage must be corrected before the symptoms begins to recede. More damage takes longer to correct.

Comfrey can be used externally based on FDA regulations.

What is Dysphagia?

Dysphagia means swallowing difficulties, and usually caused by nerve or muscle problems. Dysphagia may occur after a stroke, throat and mouth cancer, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD), or as a symptoms of several different neurological disorders. Pain can be the sole cause of dysphagia; a pain in the throat makes swallowing difficult.

However, dysphagia can be distinguished from similar symptoms including odynophagia, which is defined as painful swallowing, and globus, when the patient feels a lump in the throat.

Comfrey works to regenerate tissues, strengthening weakened muscles of the esophagus and rebuild bruised facial tissue.

So,the application of the herbal poultice,will heal the injured and inflamed tissues, decrease swelling, and repair/rebuild 'deep' esophagus muscle layers.


Since, swallowing is a complex process and some 50 pairs of muscles and many nerves work to move food from the mouth to the stomach.


Our herbal poultice will aide in the swallowing process. Working to treat not just one, but multiple underlying causes of your disease.

How does Dysphagia occur?

Dysphagia occurs when there is a problem with any part of the swallowing process. Weak tongue or cheek muscles may make it hard to move food around in the mouth for chewing. Food pieces that are too large for swallowing may enter the throat and block the passage of air.

Other problems include not being able to start the swallowing reflex (a stimulus that allows food and liquids to move safely through the pharynx) because of a stroke or other nervous system disorder. People with these kinds of problems are unable to begin the muscle movements that allow food to move from the mouth to the stomach.

Another difficulty can occur when weak throat muscles cannot move all of the food toward the stomach. Bits of food can fall or be pulled into the windpipe (trachea), which may result in lung infection.


People with diseases of the nervous system, such as cerebral palsy or Parkinson's disease, often have problems swallowing. Additionally, stroke or head injury may affect the coordination of the swallowing muscles or limit sensation in the mouth and throat. An infection or irritation can cause narrowing of the esophagus.

People born with abnormalities of the swallowing mechanism may not be able to swallow normally. Infants who are born with a hole in the roof of the mouth (cleft palate) are unable to suck properly, which complicates nursing and drinking from a regular baby bottle.

In addition, cancer of the head, neck, or esophagus may cause swallowing problems. Sometimes the treatment for these types of cancers can cause dysphagia. Injuries of the head, neck, and chest may also create swallowing problems

Dysphagia can be caused by a difficulty anywhere in the swallowing process described above.

Ingredients: Lugol's iodine, Comfrey root powder, c60 Olive Oil, colloidal silver (Anti-Bacterial), distilled water, pine bark powder (powerful anti-oxidant) and vegetable glycerin (hypo-allergenic).

Dimensions: Approximately 9 inches long by 3 inches wide and 1/16th of an inch thick.

Easy to apply. Just peel plastic from one side of the poultice and apply the exposed side of the poultice to the throat. Tape securely in place with gauge bandage and wear while you sleep. Remove in the morning. Repeat same process each night until the inflammation is cured.

Each pack comes with 7 strips 9 by 3 inches long and approximately 1/16 of an inch thick. A total of 14 days treatment. Each strip is cut in two pieces.

Gauze bandage may be purchased to hold the poultice in place at any local pharmacy.

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How should I apply the poultice?


You would peel off one side of the translucent plastic strip to reveal a smooth layer of our healing poultice. Then apply slight pressure while pressing the poultice onto the neck. Finally you would wrap a soft belt of strong gauze around the poultice and secure the band.


How often should I apply the poultice to heal my dysphagia?


Apply the poultice each night before going to sleep. Remove the poultice in the morning. Keep repeating until your symptoms go away and the esophagus muscles are strengthened.


Can I take anything internally to help with the healing process?


Solomon Seal Root is know to significantly strengthen the muscular structure of the body when taken internally as a tea. The dose is one teaspoon of solomon seal root in a cup of boiling water. Let it stand for 20 minutes. Strain and drink. Solomon seal can be found on


I reside in the state of Washington and read about your esophageal poultice online after doing a google search. I called and order a month's supply. After receiving the package I followed the instruction and began placing a half of one strip on my neck each night. The poultice went on cold but rapidly became warm for the rest of the night. I did this for 3 weeks before I began to see a change. I had problems swallowing my food and this kept getting progressively worst. At the end of the 3rd week I noticed that I was able to swallow with less difficult than before. I just ordered another batch and will keep you updated as I progress with the treatment. This is great because my alternative was surgery which I was afraid to do. I will definately share the good news with my friends and family. Thanks again for your help.

My situation is unique in that I have actually had surgery on my neck to fix the swallowing problem I was having. The problem actually got worse and I refused to do another surgery for fear of creating more problems. I used the poultice for a month without any results. I was really disappointed because my hopes were really high. When I called I was told that the process could take a while depending on the amount of damage that was done to the tissues and muscles. I was reluctant to continue because I did not want to spend the money and not have any results. However, my alternative was limited so I decided to try another pack for a month. After the first week of using the other poultices I could feel like my tissues were tightening up in the neck. The second week I began to swallow a little better. This was great results because I thought that there wasn't anything that would ever help me. I am on my third month and doing much better. I still have a way to go but I believe that the surgery has made my problem worse so the healing is taking longer. Thanks and I will let you know as I progress how I am doing.