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Hernia Herbal Poultice (Click To Order)
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Other natural treatments for hernia are used internally and we believe that they are not effective because of how a hernia actually happens. Hernias happen when there is a tear or a strain to the muscles of the abdominal wall. The only way to correct hernias naturally is to rebuild the damaged tissues with new tissue growth thus creating a strong elastic layer of muscles that snap back with enough tensile strength to hold the underlying organs, fatty tissues and intestines in place. Our poultice when placed directly on the hernia will deliver nutrients through the skin which works by cell proliferation (grow new tissues) thus repairing the damaged tissues/hernia naturally.


There is a process that takes place in the body on a daily basis. It's called anabolic and catabolic processes. It's the breakdown and rebuilding of new cells. Old damaged cells are destroyed and replaced by new healthy cells.

Our process, using the poultice and herbal combination for hernia, works by cell proliferation which is really the anabolic process in high gear. So it's the rebuilding of new cells which is sped up many folds by the ingredients in the poultice which is absorbed through the skin into the damaged tissues below. Our natural process can also be used to repair all other damaged muscles, ligament, bone and tissues.

Take your time and go through the rest of the information below. If you have any questions please call us. 410 466 2558


Instructions for applying the poultice When you receive your shipment, take the poultice out of the package which will be in a silver pouch. Place it directly into the freezer and use the poultice each day from the freezer.

The poultice comes with wrapped in cling wrap plastic. Remove the cling wrap. There will be seven strips of poultice all individually sealed. Place the poultice on a kitchen table or countertop for approximately half-hour and allow it to thaw. Cut the poultice in two equal pieces with a scissor. (The poultice cuts easier after it is thawed.) The half that is not used can go in the refrigerator.

Slide the poultice out of the cut plastic sheeting. Peel one plastic backing from the poultice. Apply a little Castor Oil to the affected area, this will enhance the absorption of the ingredients from the poultice. The poultice is then applied to the body with the peeled exposed side against the skin. Use a hernia belt to hold the poultice in place.

If the poultice is a little dry, spray some water on the poultice before laying it against the skin.

Wear poultice for a minimum of 8-12 hours while sleeping. In the morning after removing the poultice, wipe the area clean with 3% hydrogen peroxide or wash with soap and water.

The results are remarkable as the substances in the comfrey begin to do its work. The damaged tissues are replaced with new growth and the pain and inflammation slowly subside.


Based on our recommendations: Here are all the products that will enhance the speed of healing in addition to the herbal poultice for hernia:

Herbal combination for hernia: : Heals and rebuilds from the digestive tract.

Colloidal Copper: Give tensile (strong elasticity) strength to the new tissue built by the herbal poultice.

C60 Olive Oil : Helps to remove pain and inflammation and also strengthens newly formed tissues Stem Kine For those in their 60's and beyond, stem kine will help to stimulate the bones to produce free flowing stem cells which the body needs to carry out repairs. Younger people tend to naturally produce enough free flowing stem cells.


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A hernia is like an iceberg. The majority of damage is below the surface. In most cases, all the damage below must be repaired before the bulge recedes or go away. This takes time and it may seem to you that nothing is happening because you still see the bulge but not so. Here are the layers of tissue which makes up the abdomen wall.

There are nine layers to the abdominal wall: skin, subcutaneous tissue, superficial fascia, external oblique muscle, internal oblique muscle, transversus abdominis muscle, transversalis fascia, preperitoneal adipose and areolar tissue, and peritoneum. Nerves, blood vessels, and lymphatics are present throughout.


Click here to Order Herbal Combination for Weight Loss for those with an excess layer of fatty tissue on the abdomen Then click the "Add to Cart" button. Then the "check out" link.

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The herbal poultice will be more effective without an excess layer of fatty tissue to work through. The weight loss combination is designed to activate the burning of excess fat from the body.


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Restore abdominal hernias back to normal.

Our poultice comes prepared and ready to be used. No mixing, just peel and apply it to the hernia. Non-surgery hernia treatment. So safe even a baby can use it.

It's not a matter of does it work? It's more when will it work. It takes several weeks to correct the hernia. Exercising patience is key. Rebuilding damaged tissues and regrowing new tissues is the process by which the herbal poultice works to correct hernias.

For those who have already done surgery. Our poultice can also be used after surgery to speed up the healing process and also to strengthen the muscles after surgery.

Ingredients: Comfrey root powder (grow new tissue), carbon 60 powder (rejuvenate muscles and powerful anti-oxidant) Click here for C60 Olive Oil. colloidal silver (Anti-Bacterial), distilled water, pine bark powder (powerful anti-oxidant) and vegetable glycerin (hypo-allergenic), Solomon seal root (rebuild damaged tissues), Cinamon powder (natural preservative-extends shelf life and keep poultice fresh longer), White Oak Bark (Excellent astringent)

For internal benefits our product "Herbal combination for hernia" can be used to rebuild the internal muscles by cell proliferation. Mix one teaspoon in your favourite juice and blend. One bottle lasts approximately 2 weeks. Two bottles will last one month.

Click here for Herbal Combination for hernia

You can also purchase C60 Olive Oil which strengthen the muscles plus other benefitsClick here for C60 Olive Oil

Dimensions: Approximately 9 inches long by 3 inches wide and 1/16th of an inch thick.


We ship only in the United States.

Consider the real cost of dealing with a hernia. Days lost from work, pain and suffering, cost of surgery, the pain and suffering from dealing with a failed surgery. Choosing the natural treatment for hernia removes all of those problems. It is best to take the time and correct a hernia naturally now before it gets worse. The longer you wait the more you will spend.

Medical Doctors are trained to do two things, prescribe pharmaceutical drugs and perform surgery. Therefore, when you go to them you will receive one or both of those options. However, there are many other forms of treatments with excellent track record and results. You will need to step outside of the box of current medical medicine in order to benefit from those treatments.

If you require real hernia treatment then don't be afraid to try our method. We have tweaked the use of comfrey to make it more effective without any side effects.






Below are some links where you can purchase Hernia Belts.

Size measurements:

SmallL 25 - 32.2

Medium: 32.2 - 35.5

Large: 35.5 - 39.4

XL: 39.4 - 44



The inguinal hernia belt was specifically designed for men but can be worn by a woman who has inguinal hernia




It is recommended that you supplement with your 90 essential minerals for added benefits. Pay special attention to copper deficiency. Use the most effective form of mineral which is colloidal mineral and colloidal copper. 90 essential minerals can be purchased from

COLLOIDAL COPPER sold by us. (Hunters Natural Health)


The fear that most people have when dealing with a hernia is that of surgery. Statistics have proven that 20% of all recipients of implanted mesh, which is used in hernia surgery, will develop an allergic response to the mesh. In other words, their body will reject the mesh because it's a foreign substance. Then there is another 30% that will need a second surgery to correct the first surgery. Then there are those who cannot do another surgery because of the scar tissues from previous surgeries. Not to mention the cost of surgery especially if you don't have any health insurance.

Our poultice is designed with the correct ratio of ingredients for maximum benefit in treating all types of hernia. We use a proprietary process which makes the ingredients effective in healing hernias. We sometimes get calls about the effectiveness of the ingredients by people who have mixed the herbs themselves and not receive the expected benefits. We can share the ingredients we use but the process is proprietary. We have over 30 years experience in Natural healing using comfrey hernia poultice for hernias. We have an excellent success rate. Based on our studies 98% of our clients benefit from the use of our poultice. That's better than any other method in existence.

One customer using the poultice to heal a hernia realized after one month of use that her uterine prolapse (this is where the muscles holding up the uterus weaken and fall) was miraculously healed. That's the power of our poultice at work. Where ever on the body you place it, healing takes place.

Some of our clients are medical doctors who buy our poultice in bulk for their patients who are unable to do surgery because of their age or other complications which prevents surgery.

We get a lot of questions regarding the effect of comfrey on the liver. We would like to make it plain that we employ a proprietary method of processing the comfrey using Lugol's iodine which blocks the alkaloid but allows the allantoin and other beneficial ingredients in comfrey to transdermally enter the tissues which stimulate the healing through cell proliferation. For more information do a google search on "benefits of comfrey".

The bulge that you see is just the tip of the iceberg. There is underlying damage that you can't see. This damage must be corrected before the bulge begins to recede. More damage takes longer to correct. It takes a minimum of one half of each strip per treatment each night. Less than half of one strip is not enough nutrient to get the job done.

The question we get all the time is, if this works how comes I have not heard about it before. The answer to that question is this, we have been doing this in our natural health practice for almost 30 years bringing benefit to our local patients and recently started marketing our most effective products on the internet. If our products didn't work as expected we would have been out of business a long time ago. Business gets better every year as more and more people experience using our products. This is a testimony to the effectiveness of what we bring to the market in natural remedies.

Our poultice is good for up to 7 days outside of the freezer. We ship our poultice frozen. It will be thawed when you receive it and must be frozen as soon as it is received. It is then used from the freezer. Place a strip of the poultice on the countertop or kitchen table for 30 minutes before applying it.

Please call us at 410-466-2558 if you have further questions.

Comfrey can be used externally based on FDA regulations.

What is a hernia?
A hernia is a bulge of intestine, another organ, or fat through the muscles of the belly. A hernia can occur when there is a weakness in the muscle wall that allows part of an internal organ to push through.

You may have a hernia if you can feel a soft lump in your belly or groin or in a scar where you had surgery in the past. The lump may go away when you press on it or lie down. It may be painful, especially when you cough, bend over, or lift something heavy.

Our natural treatment for hernia using the poultice is designed specifically to treats different types of hernias:

INGUINAL HERNIA TREATMENT: An inguinal hernia (pronounced "IN-gwuh-nul HER-nee-uh") occurs when tissue pushes through a weak spot in the groin muscle. Our poultice is an inguinal hernia treatment without surgery.

FEMORAL HERNIA: A femoral hernia (pronounced "FEH-muh-rull HER-nee-uh") occurs when tissue bulges from the lower belly into the upper thigh, just below the groin crease. Femoral hernias occur more often in women than in men. Femoral hernia repair can be done naturally.

UMBILICAL HERNIA: An umbilical hernia occurs when intestine, fat, or fluid pushes through a weak spot in the belly. This causes a bulge near the belly button, or navel.

EPIGASTRIC HERNIA: An epigastric hernia (pronounced "eh-pih-GAS-trik HER-nee-uh") occurs when fat pushes through a weak part of the belly wall. It occurs in the middle of the belly between the breastbone and the belly button, or navel. Most of the time, these hernias are small. You can have more than one at a time.


A hiatal hernia (pronounced "hi-AY-tul HER-nee-uh") is different from other types of hernias, because it involves the stomach instead of the intestine. It occurs when part of your stomach bulges up through your diaphragm and into your chest. The diaphragm is a sheet of muscle that separates your belly from your chest. You can't feel a hiatal hernia or see a bulge. Placing the poultice over the sternum (run your finger down the middle of your chest. The first soft area is the sternum) will rebuild the damaged tissues below thus healing the hernia

INCISIONAL OR VENTRAL HERNIA: Incisional hernia repair are often the largest and most challenging hernia. Incisional hernias are hernias that result from weakness in the abdominal wall created by previous surgery. These tend to be large complicated hernias with scar tissues.

Our herbal poultices are freshly made using our proprietary method of manufacturing the poultice from organic plant based materials. The results are remarkable as the substances begin to do its work. The damaged tissues are replaced with new growth and the pain and inflammation slowly subside. Minor damage are corrected quickly, while more severe injury and damage takes a few weeks. The poultice is really a hernia treatment without surgery.

Easy to apply. Just peel plastic from one side of the poultice and apply the exposed side of the poultice to the hernia. Tape or preferably use a hernia belt to hold securely in place while you sleep. Remove in the morning. Repeat same process each night until the hernia is healed.

There maybe a slight discoloration to the skin while using the herbal poultice. In most cases the skin will be tinted red.

How to get rid of a hernia: You should stop doing any form of lifting or exercising the abdominal muscles while using the poultice to treat the hernia.

Each pack comes with 7 strips 9 by 3 inches long and approximately 1/16 of an inch thick. A total of 14 days treatment. Each strip is cut in two pieces.

Please click on the FIRST link to the top left hand corner "Hernia Herbal Poultice" to place your order. All orders are shipped USPS priority 3 to 5 days. If you have any additional questions please call 410-466-2558.



I would like to leave a testimonial about your hernia treatment. I was skeptical, to say the least, but thought I'd give it a try. I've had an inguinal hernia for many years, however, it was always asymptomatic. Recently I started to have a lot of pain and discomfort. I just finished your 14 day treatment and am thrilled with the results! Due to my age I just ordered another round of materials. I HAVE TO SAY YOUR TREATMENT WORKS!!!! NO SURGERY NEEDED!!!! I am very grateful for your fine products. God bless!!!!


I have a 2 years old son who had an umbilical hernia. I was afraid of putting him through surgery. I read about your hernia poultice and decided to give it a shot after speaking at length with one of your consultants. To my surprise in only two weeks the bulge was gone. I am so happy because I did not want to subject my son to a surgery at that age even though the doctors recommended it. Thanks for all that you do. I will share your information with all who I know.


Purchased one about a month ago, mornings when I wake up after application eliminates all pain and inflammation. Overall my hernia is healing very well. I think my hernia was more extreme, but I am extremely happy with this product looking forward to writing you all an awesome review when I a fully healed! Especially as this type of injury seems to have little to no alternative methods short of surgery. I am purchasing a second because I absolutely confident a second application will get me 100%, and would not feel as certain without it. I am about 75% healed. Especially as this type of injury seems to have little to no alternative methods short of surgery. In that case you all are guardian angels to many. Thank you very much, warmest regards, Ian 26 - Williamsburg VA,


Greetings to you and I hope you had a good Labor Day holiday, I am writing this letter just to say THANK YOU very much for the Poultice, it really heal my hernia in the back because I was suffering for years and I tried many things even spiritual healing but to no avail, except surgery which I did not want to do on my back, and now I am feeling fine with no pain, however do you have anything for Tinnitus? Once again thank you very much.


Good morning. I would like to thank you for your help. I had a hernia that started from my groin and extended into my upper thigh. I started using your poultice and didn't see any change the first week. This is when I called you. Your instructions to continue was followed and the other week brought much relief from the pain and a reduction in the size of the bulging. Today after four weeks the hernia is gone. Thanks so much. May God bless you and your business.


Good day. I would like to thank you so much for your help. I've been suffering for a few months with a bad abdominal hernia. I tried everything but without success until I came across you in the Bing search engine. Thanks for advertising or I would never have found you.

I put the poultice on for two weeks every night and wore it for 12 hours each time. I didn't use any tape to hold it in place. I peeled the poultice, applied it and covered it with a piece of seran plastic to protect my clothe. I kept it in place with my under wear. I receive benefit from the first application. In 3 days the pain was gone and the hernia began to reduce in size.

I was contemplating surgery but thank God for you. I wish you all the best. Keep up the good work.


I was diagnosed with inguinal hernia by my doctor. There was a little bulge but no pain. I was concerned because the doctor said surgery would correct it. I just didn't want to go through a surgery so I went on the internet and googled "natural Treatment for hernia". Browse a few of the results but was more impressed to try the poultice for hernia. I was blessed because I noticed a reduction in the bulge within a week after using the poultice. After three weeks the hernia was totally gone. I guess because it was in the early stage it was easy to resolve.

I am very pleased. No surgery and I am back to normal. Thanks a lot. I will pass on your information to friends and family.



Why does the poultice smell in the summer heat? Is it spoiled?


The poultices are shipped frozen but when you receive it in the summer it will be thawed and carrying a strong herbal smell because of the summer heat. It is still effective and will return to normal smell once you freeze it and begin using it from the freezer.


I have a hiatal hernia. Will the poultice heal it?

The poultice is very effective for Hiatal hernia Treatment. Place the poultice over the sternum in the center just below the chest and secure in place. Wear the herbal poultice for 8-12 hours each night. The ingredients will be absorbed through the tissues into the diaphragm muscles and start the rebuilding process.

Can the poulice be used anywhere else on the body for rebuilding?

The poultice will rebuild and regrow all damaged tissues, muscles, cartilage or bones. Just place it where you are feeling pain or discomfort each night especially and wear it for a minimum of 8-12 hours. The miracle will gradually take place.

I have been using the poultice for three weeks now and the groin pain is gone but the bulge is still there. It's reduced a little but still there. What should I do?

Keep applying the poultice to reduce the bulge while it regenerates the damaged tissues.

How long will it take to heal my hernia?

Each individual is different. On an average it takes 4-8weeks. The healing time depends on the damage to the underlying tissue. We find that for patients older than 40 the process is longer than average.

Can I wear a hernia belt to keep the poultice in place?

Yes you can. Based on experience we find that a flat hernia belt is very effective in holding the poultice in place.

Should I still do intense workout while using the poultice?

It is recommended that you take a break while using the poultice. If you must, then do light exercise such as walking.

Can an incisional hernia be healed with the herbal hernia poultice?

Incisional or ventral hernia is created when a previous surgery weakens the abdominal wall. An incisional or ventral hernia can be healed with the poultice. However, because they are usually much larger, the full length of the poultice must be used. In this case each pack of poultice will last 7 days instead of 14 days. In other words, it's more costly because you will need to purchase twice as much poultice. Our poultice can also be used after surgery to speed up the healing process and also to strenthen the muscles after surgery.

How long will the poultice last if I don't use it right away?


The poultice must be frozen (In the FREEZER) as soon as you receive it. Take out one piece each night and let it thaw at room temperature for about an hour before applying it to the hernia. It will last up to three months frozen.

Can I take anything internally to help with the healing process?

In our most recent research, we have done studies with a stem cell product. The product is of a vitamin D derivative which stimulates the bone marrow to increase the production of stem cells thus increasing stem cells in the blood. Stem cells are used to repair damages within the body. Stem cell production begins to decrease at the age of 25. That's the reason babies heal so quickly but seniors heals so slowly. When used with our hernia poultice, it have been shown to improve the healing time especially in older people. We believe it's worth a try.

Can I just make the poultice myself? Will it work the same as yours?

We share the ingredients used to make the poultice but not the proprietary methodology including the use of lugol's iodine to neutralize the alkaloids which may affect the liver.

For More information click on the link below: Stem Kine

Do you recommend surgery at any time?

I would not recommend surgery unless there is a severe case of a strangulated hernia. This is where the intestine is trapped in the hernia and the blood supply cut off.

Bear in mind that the number one problem with mesh (used to repair the hernia) is that many patients will react to the mesh as if they were allergic to it. Their body tries to reject the mesh and builds up excessive scar tissue around it. This excessive scar tissue results in the patient having chronic pain. When this happens there is no effective treatment for it and the patient will live with chronic pain for the rest of their lives. Medications, injections, physical therapy and neurolysis are ineffective in getting rid of the pain. The only effective treatment is to go back to surgery and remove the mesh. Current medical literature says that as many as 20% of patients with hernia mesh develop chronic pain.

The purpose of repairing a hernia naturally with the hernia poultice is to avoid these serious complications. Correcting the hernia naturally before it gets strangulated is the best and safest.

Couldn't I just buy the powder and mix it myself and get the same results?

We find that the product works best with the ingredients we use. The ratio of the ingredients is proprietory information which has been developed by us over the many years of making poultice. Once a batch is mixed we test it for quality before making poultice from it. If its not right we throw it out and start over again. Anyone who had worked with raw comfrey will know that once the batch is mixed it cannot be adjusted by adding more powder or liquids. Just the nature of comfrey.

Our poultice is unique in that you get the raw product which is placed against the hernia, not a salve which is much weaker.

Some of our customers have tried making it themselves and after trying a few times they will call us and place an order instead.

Which of your customers or clients receive the best results?

It takes patience to get the results. When you're in your 20's and 30's you heal quickly, however when you age beyond those years the body's ability to heal itself slows up. So in answer to the question: The clients who stick with the program gets the best results.

Does Stem-Kine really help with the healing process?

When we are young we have more stem cells in our body which is used to repair the damaged cells. As we age the amount of stem cells are dramatically reduced. Stem-kine stimulates the bone marrow to increase the amount of stem cells in blood circulation thus improving the healing time when the poultice is used to stimulate healing by cell proliferation.

Does the poultice work on any other part of the body? For example the joints.

The poultice will heal anywhere it is placed. The time period for rebuilding bones and ligament is longer than muscles and soft tissues.

Can I cut the strip in thirds if the hernia is small?

The strips are designed to work best if cut in a half. There is enough active natural ingredient in one half of a strip but not enough in one third.

I had my friend who is traveling to my country purchase the herbal poultice for me. Are there any instruction for preparing the package for transportation.

Once the poultice is received it must be frozen until the day that it is transported. If it isn't frozen the poultice will break down and spoil. If it is not frozen it becomes perishable in a few days.


Does using comfrey externally damages the liver?


We put our comfrey through a process using Lugol's iodine which inactivates the alkaloids in comfrey that are a concern for some people.

Can I work while using the poultice?

Heavy lifting, pushing or pulling interferes with the healing process. We recommend that you don't do any activities that may create a strain on the abdominal muscles. Light walking is ok.

What is included in the shipping/handling cost?

Priority shipping fee, handling charge, insulation charge (the package is wrapped in insulation material before shipping).

I read all the information on your site but I am still a little reluctant about whether or not this will work?

I would recommend that you do an open google search on the "benefits of comfrey root powder" which is the main ingredient in the product. We have learnt by experience since the early '80s to manipulate comfrey root to heal without any issues. It's not if it works but when it works. You must be patient because it will usually take a few weeks

Can the poultice treat incisional hernia?

An incisional hernia is when the hernia comes back after surgery. The poultice will rebuild incisional hernia, however, the process takes longer because of the amount of damage that was done to the tissues during surgery. The pain will go away after about 3 weeks.

How can I increase the absorption of the ingredients in the poultice into the hernia for faster healing?

Apply Castor Oil to the skin before applying the herbal poultice. The characteristics of the oil is to improve the absorption of the poultice into the skin. .


The FDA has approve comfrey only for external use. Our poultice fulfills all FDA regulations and can be used safely.