Herbal Combination for Hernia

Herbal Combination for Hernia
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*Daily Value not established

heal and rebuilds damaged tissues internally.

Marshmallow Root:
Used to cure Acid Reflux, Peptic Ulcer and Gastritis, Constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Colitis.

Solomon Seal Root:
A cell proliferant meaning it stimulates new tissue growth. Replacing old cells with new cells. Used to rebuild damaged tissues such as hernias, sprains, strains, muscular tear, etc

Relieving Injuries Solomon's Seal can help repair sports injuries and other acute trauma to the body's muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, joints and cartilage. It can benefit the body's entire muscular and skeletal system by strengthening and repairing it by tightening or loosening muscles, ligaments, and tendons as needed; helping damaged tissues return to their original states; creating a balance that can correct old injuries and help prevent new ones; and helping the body produce more or better quality synovial fluid so that joints have less friction.

Probiotics (Acidophillus)
Restore the digestive (the gut) with good bacterial flora.

The above key ingredients are best suited for restoring the digestive tract to normal thus correcting Acid Reflux, Peptic Ulcer and Gastritis, Constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Colitis also help to rebuild the damaged muscles in all types of hernia.

Blend one level teaspoon in your favourite juice and drink on an empty stomach once or twice per day, morning and evening.

Two bottles of herbal combination for hernia will last for about a month at one teaspoon per day.


Based on our recommendations: Here all the products that will enhance the speed of healing by using the herbal poultice for hernia:

Herbal Poultice Heals and rebuilds externally working directly on the hernia.

Herbal combination for hernia: : Heals and rebuilds from the digestive tract.

Colloidal Copper: Give tensile (strong elasticity) strength to the new tissue re-built by the herbal poultice

C60 Olive Oil : Helps to remove pain and inflammation.

Amazon.com Stem Kine For those in their 60's and beyond, stem kine will help to stimulate the bones to produce free flowing stem cells which the body needs to carry out repairs. Younger people tend to naturally produce enough free flowing stem cells.


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I was having an issue with a hernia which caused a lot of abdominal pain. I had the hernia for about two years but was afraid to do surgery which the doctors recommended. I ordered the hernia poultice along with the herbal combination for the digestive tract and after one week of using both the pain was totally gone and the hernia bulge starts to reduce nicely. Thanks for making such a wonderful product.

Acid reflux has been a problem for me for a long while. The constant burning and burping were very unpleasant. I hated using the prescription medication from the pharmacy as it made me feel sick. I don't know which was worse the acid reflux or the side effects from the medication. After using your product one teaspoon in a glass of mango juice morning and evening I could feel a big difference with a week. It's being a month now and I can eat without any uncomfortable burning and bloating. Thanks much!

I have stomach ulcers which would sometime bleed and cause blood in the stool. After speaking with Hunters Natural Health I decided to try herbal combination for Hernia. Wow! It was a miracle. I could eat almost anything within a week without any problem. I am planning to go back to my primary care doctor to verify that the ulcers are healed. I am feeling great. The first in quite a few months. This is a wonderful product. May God continue to bless you as you serve your community.

I have an inguinal hernia that was very painful especially when I exerted myself. I started using the "herbal combination for hernia" along with the hernia poultice and within a week the pain was totally gone. The bulge is still there but is reducing in size. I love this product because it also healed my bleeding stomach ulcer. Great product.


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