Fix Hearing Loss, Eczema, Psoriasis, Hemorrhoid and Arithis naturally.

Tissue Remodelling. Help to fix most health issues.
Tissue Remodelling. Help to fix most health issues.
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Product Information.



The product for sale is an e book written by Alexander Retnuh. It provides information about using the protocol to heal and cure long standing health issues. I believe that when used with the hernia care, it will not only greatly enhance the healing power of the hernia care treatment but you may see other miraculous benefits such as hearing loss reversal, arithis cured, diabetes fixed, eczema and skin psoriasis cured, hemorrhoids fixed, etc

Most of these miracles usually happens in three or less months. I made arrangements with the author to make the book available on our website because I believe it will greatly benefit my clients and customers.


Once payment is completed you will get a green download button on the order confirmation page, on the right side of the screen. Click on the button to download the e book in pdf format. If you have issues downloading you can send us an email and we will send you the ebook as an attachment.

You can read the book on your computer or you can print it.


Question and Answer.

Question: What is the cost of the tissue remodeling protocol?

Answer: The total cost of the supplement you will purchase is less than $100 per month. The supplements you need are detailed in the e book. They can be purchased on

Question: Can the tissue remodeling protocol heal my hernia by itself?

Answer: We know of some cases in which the tissue remodeling protocol worked by itself in healing hernia, but we believe you will have much better results using both.



I clicked on the icon “Excellent results when combined with hernia care”, and purchased the e book about the miraculous benefit protocol. I also used the hernia care. Not only was my hernia fixed but my arthritis, eczema, and macular degeneration was also corrected. Every thing that was a problem was healed in 3 months. Thanks for making this information available. It’s a God sent for people like me. My wife has varicose veins and it’s helping her. (M. Thompson)


I suffered from an inguinal hernia for years. I found your website after an exhaustive search. I was curious about the Information on your website about, Excellent results when combined with hernia care. I bought the e book along with the hernia treatment. I followed the information about the tissue remodeling protocol in the e book.

My hernia which I had for over five years was reversed, miraculously my diabetes which I had was gone in 3 months and my hemorrhoids was resolved in two months. Thanks (M Jackson).